A glance back at the Italian football league

Italy is one of the largest footballing regions, and this article looks at its football history.

In the previous twenty years the Italian family owners of Juventus have controlled the Serie A table. They have won the title every year for the last 7 years, and a huge part of this is because of the money they can inject into the club. With one of the greatest paid footballers in the world at the club, they anticipate success and will take no less. The one title that has evaded the Turin team is the Champions League, although they are among the favourites to lift it this year. While Italian football dominated in the late 20th century, Spanish football teams have today taken top spot; the future nevertheless is a lot more uncertain, with every nation having one or two clubs that can genuinely claim to have a excellent chance of winning the Champions League.

Throughout the 90’s, Italian football was the finest in Europe, it was additionally ruled by a single city, Milan. With the likes of Maldini and Baresi, the red half of Milan was a impressive team that earned all there was to win. Now there is a brand-new A.C Milan owner running the club, there is optimism that the team could return to the kind of prominence they had in the 90’s. The other team in Milan is likewise among the most successful Serie A teams; having lifted the Champions League most recently out of all the Italian teams, their pedigree cannot be unnoticed. The Italian football league table has been ruled historically by 3 clubs, however there have been 16 different champions. The most successful city is Turin which has won forty-one Championships, briefly followed by Milan. Surprisingly Rome has been a reasonably quiet city for football with only five tournaments, and the North West area of Italy earning by far the most championships.

Italy has always been one the major footballing countries, and this short article will look at its background. Italy has had a long history in various forms of football, but it implemented the contemporary variant of the game in the 1880’s. Englishmen moving to Italy brought over the current regulations, and helped to shape an Italian football league, although many of the teams were simultaneously football and cricket clubs. One of the initial clubs was built in Genoa and a branch of that club still exists presently, although it has altered enormously. The finances in modern football suggests clubs have altered significantly, where prosperous proprietors give the teams all the funding they require, with the Genoa owner being no different. The money of Italian football suggests they can challenge in European tournaments, which they have done until recently, although contemporary football is very wealth powered so potential success is dependent on investment.

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